All The Things That Miley Cyrus Looked Like at The VMAs

Miley Cyrus knew how to dress it up at the VMAs. Since she was the host, she was able to switch into different costumes at almost every turn. But not while looking like something else. Here are all the things that Miley looked like at the VMAs. Check it out below:

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Earlier this year, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy decided to go their separate ways. The long-time Hollywood power couple's split was not expected at all. And now, Kermit has quickly rebounded, finding himself a new love interest. Some people are mad this is happening.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Sep 02, 2015 13:10
Michael "BigMike" Straumietis is the multi-millionaire owner of Canada-based Advanced Nutrients. It is one of the largest and most prominent marijuana nutrient supliers in the world. Needless to say, that success has made him see a lifestyle most of us can only dream of: private jets, scantily clad women, and lots of cannabis. He's most often compared to Instagram's Playboy King Dan Bilzerian.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 13:01
Space. The final frontier. Just when you thought there weren't any missions ongoing, here's a list of some 15 that you didn't know were already underway and in operation. The reason why most of us don't know about them is that they take a long time before they're actually operational. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 13:01
Crowdfunding can be tricky. Often times, there are tons of ridiculous ideas that are looking for funding. And sometimes, these ridiculous ideas actually get funded. Here are some 12 campaigns that actually made it. Check it out:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:32
Tiny tattoos are no longer the trend for women these days. They're getting more hardcore! Here are some of the 20 most hardcore tattooed women around. They're all badasses these days! Check them out in the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:32
Google is 17-years-old. And they've come a long way already, and they've also changed their logo multiple times. They've also changed their logo again. But did you even notice? Watch the evolution of Google in the video below:  Read more
GEEK ART  Sep 02, 2015 12:08
Drinking beer doesn't have to be just normal. Everyone loves a beer hack or two. Now there's 9 of them in this gallery below. From making beer ice cubes to knowing how to store them in your fridge, to making it cool really fast, check them out in the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
So Kanye West announced his plans to run for president in 2020. Is he joking? Chances are, probably not. And just say if he were actually to become president, it will be one of the most confusing times in history as it takes a lot of brain power to understand what the heck he's saying in the first place. The Internet responded to those plans of his and created this:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
Screen Junkies didn't waste time leaving an honest trailer for Frozen to a much later time. Here's their version of it and do you agree? Check it out after the jump:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
Here's an interesting trick that you can use not just for a party. It removes all the watermelon flesh and this food hack makes its skin as a bowl of some kind. Check out how it is done in the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
It's not uncommon for celebrities to change their name. It's basic Marketing 101. The reason for that? Their real names probably wouldn't work as well. But then again, they'll never know since they never quite tried. Here are some of the celebrities whose real name sounds a lot different from what we know.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Except these few here are worth a thousand WTFs! Do you even know what's going on here? Do we really want to know? How? Why? What the? All these are questions we can't quite answer. Check out the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
Running low on juice these days? You need a push. A pick-me-upper. You need a lift. You need some inspiration to get you moving again. Here are 21 of those sort of thing you can check out in the gallery below. Chin up! You can do it!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:07
Quotation marks shouldn't be abused. And if they are, they shouldn't even be done in this manner either because it's clearly wrong! Put them at the wrong place, and it could change the context of something entirely. Check out the 29 times this happened:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:06
So Kanye wants to run for president. And Donald is running for president. They've got a lot in common, so much more more than you think! It looks like one of the trends right now is to have public figures who are self-absorbed and wanting to take positions of power.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:06
Anyone who's watched anime will know that it is sometimes an over-exaggerated impression of real life. It's the kind of things that go on in our heads, but we never quite act them out. But what if we did? What if anime were in real life? What would life be like?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:06
Jimmy Kimmel made a skit showing how watching people play video games makes no sense at all. He said, 'to me, watching another play video games is like going to a restaurant and having someone eat your food for you.' Does he make sense at all? Watch the video below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:06
This is Valeria Orsini. Part Colombian, part Italian, part Puerto Rican, the model shows how leading a healthy life that involves gym and workout will give you an Instagram account worth following. What do you think? Check out the gallery below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 12:04
Mia Khalifa may be one of the most popular adult entertainers at the moment, and it's also thanks to her ability to understand marketing. At least, that's what we think she knows. Here's Mia utilizing Instagram for what it really is: a platform for all beautiful women. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 11:59
She's not even a winner in golf yet, but is already winning right now. Paige Spiranac is continuing to dominate the pages, instead of the green. Because that's how you built the hype up for your brand! Her latest is doing sexy cover shoots for publications.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 11:57
Despite warnings and signs urging people not to doodle on walls and vandalizing toilet doors with drawings and messages, no one listens at all. But set that aside, and we've actually got a place that's quite entertaining to say the least. Check out some of the most entertaining messages found in bathrooms:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 09:27
It's the mid week and fan girls are back once more. Here's a full gallery of Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and many other once-nerd-only-interested fans. Nerds now have more options compared to back in the day. Yes, these are real women and fans!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 09:25
Of all the things that are going viral, it's a new kind of swimsuit. One that doesn't require a lot of investment. It is non other than a plastic bag! Young women in Taiwan have been uploading pictures of themselves online wearing this type of DIY swimsuit made from convenience store plastic bags.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 01:36
This is the cutest thing you'll see today: a toddler playing hide and seek with another baby. Except, only one of them is human and the other is a gorilla! Isaiah is 2-years-old, and has already made a friend with the zoo's baby gorilla!  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Sep 02, 2015 00:59
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